Testimonials on Mentorship and Workshops

Comments from Well Formed Outcome Presentation at Law Of Attraction in Boston:

“…Tremendous.” – Dale

“I thought it was excellent! I really like what and how it was presented. There were many questions that augmented what I was already doing that were powerful.” – David

“Great topic and great presentation.” – Erik

“Five Stars! I was stuck regarding my next career move and now I have perfect clarity!” –Katie Tarlin

The Essential MindPower Training:

” Thank you! It was an amazing weekend with so many tools that I can use and implement very easily. I didn’t know what to expect at first—I was thinking there would be some talks, I may take notes, etc. I suppose if someone thinks it’s just a bunch of meditations….to an outsider doesn’t mean anything….yet we come away with powwerful ways to take control of our mind. Then, all the other information we learn can be supported as we create the life we want!” – Phil C.

“Tom, Thank  you so much for allowing me to experience meditation in an entirely new way. I am already using the tools we developed in the class in my daily life. I loved the visualization techniques you taught us and use them in the mornings when I wake up!” – Naomi C.

“…What a weekend well-spent. I feel like I was on vacation…” – Charles

“Thanks so much for leading the Essential MindPower Training class! I didn’t know what to expect going into the weekend as I had never meditated before, but your guided meditation was exactly what I needed to learn. Not only did I meditate for the first time but you empowered me with internal tools to use in any situation. Thanks again for a great insightful weekend!” – Ted


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